A few words about us
DKN Networks produces strategic B2B platforms in the sense of a summit, conference, or congress and accompanies the entire process.
DKN Networks specializes in a profound
Market analysis, so we ensure contacts too
High-level delegates from business and politics,
from Europe and around the world.
The following list contains a short overview of all companies
whose executives participated in our summits.





  • Anti-corruption

  • Compliance

  • Corporate Finance

  • Cyber security

  • Data protection

  • Energy

  • IT

  • Antitrust Law

  • Litigation

  • M & A

  • Sustainability

  • Human Resource management

  • Private equity

  • Restructuring

  • TAX

  • Insurance

Industry sectors:

  • Automotive Industry

  • Construction and real estate industry

  • Chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry

  • Energy

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

  • Trade and consumer goods

  • Industrial production

  • Media and Telecommunications

  • Technology

  • Transport and logistics